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TEDx Video now on YouTUBE!

National Autism Awareness Day – April 2

Watch this PSA video from Autism Speaks


Neurodiversity research on national public radio’s Academic Minute

Dr. Sabine Huemer speaks on her research through the lens of neurodiversity in an upcoming segment of WAMC’s Academic Minute hosted by Dr. Lynn Pasquerella, President of the Association of American Colleges and Universities. Listen to the preview:

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Read more on the members and mission of our Learning Community at Whittier College. We are currently researching innovative technology that helps all types of college students to success and are identifying larger grants to support our mission of implementing new technology at Whittier College:


All Brains on Deck: Survival in the
Age of Technology @ TEDx 



Neurodiversity and Neurotechnology Learning Community receives Digital Liberal Arts Grant

Whittier College’s Neurodiversity and Neurotechnology Learning Community is awarded a $2,000 Digital Liberal Arts grant to investigate how technology enhances learning quality and student success in a neurodiverse undergraduate population.


NEW! Neurodiversity and Neurotechnology Learning Community at Whittier College

We are proud to present Whittier’s newest learning community (LC), the Neurodiversity and Neurotechnology LC. Our mission is to research, test, and implement neurotechnology that promotes the strengths and compensates for the weaknesses of the neurodivergent learner, the learner that transcends the typical neurological profile. Our initial efforts are geared towards a neurodivergent college student population but we expect that our work can cross over to all age groups. Of special interest is wearable technology, hardware and software that is user-friendly and cost-effective.

Our multi-disciplinary team of experts includes Dr. Haworth whose Kinesiology lab is equipped with eye-tracking and virtual reality technology, Dr. Cean Colcord, Education Department, who has extensive experience with digital interventions for the neurodivergent learner, and Dr. Amanda Lash, Psychological Sciences, whose memory research greatly informs our work in the area of assisted learning. The group coordinator, Dr. Sabine Huemer, has a background in autism and learning research as well as neurotechnology and neuroethics.



NEURODIVERSITY (filmed in the Madlab Media Studio at Whittier College)


THE LANGUAGES OF AUTISM (filmed in the Madlab Media Studio at Whittier College)